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Chicken Breast Boneless (450g) – Delicious

Tender and a dieter’s best friend, these boneless breast pieces are an excellent source of lean protein. IF FROZEN, THAW

Chicken Breast Boneless (450g) – Zorabian

Zorabian’s Clean and Tender Breast Boneless Chicken

Chicken Breast Boneless (500g) – Real Good

These fresh-from-the-farm chicken breasts are trimmed and deboned. So whether you’re whipping up a quick salad or delicious soup or

Chicken Cube Boneless (500 gm) – Zorabian

Perfectly Diced Cubes of Boneless Chicken – Void of any fat – Just Rinse and Cook !!!

Chicken Drumsticks (450g) – Zorabian

A sizzling plate of starters, a simmering aromatic biryani or spicy Indian curries can be instantly cooked with these Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Drumsticks (500 gm) – Real Good

These fresh-from-the-farm chicken drumsticks are cut and prepared read for you to cook in any dish. They are the perfect choice for when you are looking to whip up a tasty, healthy snack for friends and family.

Chicken Kheema (450g) – Delicious

This minced keema is a chicken lover’s delight! Just add a few spices to cook up an authentic chicken keema

Chicken Kheema (450g) – Real Good

Sourced from the choicest cuts of chicken, all hygienically processed, chicken kheema is the great for some quick burger patties

Chicken Leg Boneless (450g) – Zorabian

Sharp to taste and buttery soft to feel, this cut is definitely a leg apart. This cut has been crafted to deliver

Chicken Legs Skinless (450g) – Zorabian

Comprising of tender thigh and juicy drumstick. It is cut skinless to provide a healthier meal while the bone retains

Chicken Liver (200 gm) – Real Good

Real Good chicken livers are sourced from the very best chicken breed – Cobb. These chicken livers make for a