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Fun Foods American Mustard – 290g

Delicious, mild, smooth-textured mustard containing 24% mustard powder in a handy squeeze bottle. American Mustard is perfect for American food

Fun Foods Arrabbiata Spicy Pasta Sauce – 325g

Give your taste buds a jolt ! Here comes a majestic Pasta Sauce from Rome, the capital of Italy to

Fun Foods Barbecue Sauce Smokey – 300g

It is popular for its smokey taste. Use it as marinade or enjoy on grilled food. Relish with paneer tikka,

Fun Foods Cheesy Nacho Dip – 275g

Cheesy Nacho Dip with a slight Jalapeno flavour is here to add cheesiness to your Nacho eating experience! Bring home

Fun Foods Garlic Chilli Dip – 250g

This dip brings the brilliance of chilies, pulpy tomatoes and a hint of garlic in it, which’ll be a spicy

Fun Foods Mayonnaise Classic – With Egg – 275g

It was originally a classic French Sauce but is now a basic food as necessary as butter. You will find

Fun Foods Pasta & Pizza Sauce – 325g

Tangy tomato mixed with select spices & herbs gives a well rounded Indian taste to this Italian specialty. Add for

Fun Foods Pasta Alfredo with Cheese – 325g

You always get an option between Pasta in Red sauce or White sauce at Pasta counters on Weddings, Malls and

Fun Foods Pesto Rosso Pasta Sauce – 140g

Sun ripened tomatoes from the farmlands give this Pasta Sauce its tangy taste. This Italian masterpiece is fashioned with Italian

Fun Foods Pizza Topping – 325g

Make tasty pizzas just the way they make in pizzerias in Italy but with an Indian twist. The sauce adds

Fun Foods Salsa Dip – 300g

Salsa is central to Mexican food – Tomatoes, capsicums and jalapenos add crunchiness & tanginess, but a sweet tinge at the

Fun Foods Sandwich Spread Cheese & Chilli – 275g

It takes its inspiration from Mexican cuisine. Mild cheese peppered with a dash of red chillies makes it a great