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Godrej – Yummiez Chicken Breakfast Salami (250g)

It’s made from the softest, juiciest Godrej Real Good Chicken. Have them cold, grilled or shallow-fried. Insert into sandwiches, roll

Godrej – Yummiez Chicken Breakfast Sausages (250g)

Now you start your day with the classic taste and goodness of protein-packed chicken sausages. The new Yummiez Breakfast Sausages

Godrej – Yummiez Chicken Chilli Salami (250g)

Made from the softest, juiciest Godrej Real Good Chicken. Sliced, cured and perfectly spiced to liven up your breakfast and

Godrej – Yummiez Chicken Chilli Sausages (250g)

Chicken Sausages, made from the world’s No 1 chicken breed – Cobb, are perfect for breakfast or as a snack

Godrej – Yummiez Chicken Italian Sausages (250g)

Tuck them into breads, slice them onto pizzas or chop them into pastas. Their protein-rich international taste is a great

Godrej – Yummiez Chicken Masala Nuggets (400g)

Make your own Real Good Yummiez Platter by accompanying it with pudina (mint) or chilli chutney. Squeeze half a lemon

Godrej – Yummiez Chicken Nuggets (750g)

Chicken Nuggets are perfect for those in-between times when a tasty and nutritious snack is what your you need. Rustle

Godrej – Yummiez Chicken Pepper and Herb Sausages (250g)

Tuck it into a sandwich or roll it in a roti, and you have the tastiest, healthiest breakfast ready in

Godrej – Yummiez Vegetable Cheese Fingers – (400g)

The goodness of fresh vegetables and the creamy taste of cheese – Now in an irresistible combination. Just fry a

Godrej-Yummiez Chicken Afghani Seekh Kabab (250g)

The same delicate flavours and melt-in-the-mouth softness that have made Afghani cuisine a favourite the world over, now available to

Godrej-Yummiez Chicken Burger Patty -300g

The nutrition and protein power of the Real Good Chicken that’s spiced just right, Real Good Yummiez Burger Patty is

Godrej-Yummiez Chicken Garlic Fingers (400g)

A hot favourite snack ! Deep fry a handful of Garlic Fingers (Chicken) in oil for the perfect antidote to