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Rs. 380.00
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Morde Dark Chocolate Compound 400g
Best suited for decorating, molding and dipping. Melts smoothly and mixes easily with the recipe it is being used in.
Rs. 102.00
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Morde Milk Chocolate Compound 400g
Continuous stirring suggested, while melting. Do not mix chocolate and compound. Avoid moisture contact. Package contains a single slab of the milk compound.
Rs. 125.00
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Morde White Chocolate Compound 400g
Widely used in making various kinds of candies, cake dressings, desserts, cookies. This is a Vegetarian product
Rs. 150.00
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Rs. 50.00
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Maida (All Purpose Flour) 1kg
BLUE BIRD Maida is used for making breads, cakes, cookies, pizzas, all sorts of pastries and sauces. It is the best for a whole range of flour based Indian and international sweets.
Rs. 60.00
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Blue Bird Self Raising (Super Fine Flour) 500g
BLUE BIRD Self Raising Flour is made using the best quality wheat and the right percentage of baking powder. This perfect blend of flour eliminates the need of adding baking powder and is easier for producing delicious doughnuts, cakes and pastries.
Rs. 45.00
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Blue Bird Icing Sugar 500g
BLUE BIRD Icing Sugar is used in icing and topping for cakes, creams, marzipan and pastries. It is especially used in the manufacture of royal icing for classical wedding cakes and decorative edible pieces as a final touch.
Rs. 65.00
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Blue Bird Castor Sugar 500g
BLUE BIRD Castor Sugar is the bakers and housewives companion. Whether its with your cup of tea or hot chocolate this finely granulated sugar is too good and quick to melt. Useful in the making of sponge cakes, cookies, desserts, muffins,...
Rs. 65.00

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