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Chicken Liver (200 gm) - Real Good
Real Good chicken livers are sourced from the very best chicken breed – Cobb. These chicken livers make for a healthy snack sure to leave family and friends smacking their lips.
Rs. 75.00
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Chicken Drumsticks (500 gm) - Real Good
These fresh-from-the-farm chicken drumsticks are cut and prepared read for you to cook in any dish. They are the perfect choice for when you are looking to whip up a tasty, healthy snack for friends and family.
Rs. 265.00
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Chicken Breast Boneless (450g) - Real Good
These fresh-from-the-farm chicken breasts are trimmed and deboned. So whether you’re whipping up a quick salad or delicious soup or even a main course meal, Real Good Chicken breasts are just right.
Rs. 275.00
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Whole Pre Cut Chicken (1kg) - Real Good
With Godrej Real Good Chicken, you get chicken that it cut to size and processed hygienically. So all you need to do is get out that favourite recipe and start cooking.
Rs. 300.00
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Curry Cut Chicken (500g) - Real Good
Fresh, nutritious, hygienically packed skinless chicken pieces that are cut right to size and perfect for Indian main course dishes. They work just fine for world cuisine too.
Rs. 175.00
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Chicken Lollipop (350 gm) - Real Good
Just open up a pack of marinated Chicken Lollipop, which has the perfect amount of tender, fresh Real Good Chicken and spicy authentic marinade to make a lip-smacking snack for family and friends. And it’s as easy as cutting the...
Rs. 175.00
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Chicken Kheema (450g) - Real Good
Sourced from the choicest cuts of chicken, all hygienically processed, chicken kheema is the great for some quick burger patties or mouthwatering kababs. Add it to biryani for a delicious twist or to a soup for a rustic, hearty flavour.
Rs. 255.00
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